2023 Season Events Calendar

The 2023 season runs June 3-Sept 17.  Check out our free shows, parties, and classes throughout Queens. Filter by neighborhood, event type, or dance company! Event dates are being rolled out slowly, so keep checking back!

Taking the ferry to us? See ferry ride discounts for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the Fair Fares NYC program HERE.

“The festival covers a broad range, both in terms of geography and style. Featuring companies from all across the borough—Briarwood to Long Island City, Floral Park to Howard Beach—it puts the whole tapestry of what makes Queens unique on display.”

—Times Ledger

“Truly represents one of the highlights of the year for me. The wide range of the rich creative work in Queens presented was so incredibly alive…genuinely inspiring, and striking.”

—Audience Member

“Lincoln Center, City Center-quality dances; the performers were excellent.”

—Audience Member

“Wonderful program. World
travel in one spot!”

—Audience Member

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